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Adobe After Effects CC 2019


Movement, science fiction and visual effects



Perhaps you watched TV and satellite channels and saw in action movies, science fiction and visual effects and asked how this can be done, this question has been mentioned to all minds, and I will tell you the answer through one program which is After Effect for making digital video, giant films and anime movies, it is considered one of the largest movie directing programs Cartoon, animation and high-resolution graphic ads. After Effect program allows users to animate or change the video in

2D and 3D dimensions with various merging tools and additional functions, in addition to the feature of removing the green background from a video and preparing it to merge with another clip and this is called the Video Composition.

After Effects cc is the best program for making tricks and watching cinemas, and it is used by many foreign and Arab films producers to make shooting scenes, aviation, and others with great mastery. AE is produced by Adobe Systems 1992-2015 and also Photoshop. We all know Photoshop is used to edit pictures and add wonderful effects to them. After Effect integrates with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Flash, and other programs such as Cinema 4D. The program is not difficult to use, it is easy and you can learn its basics in a short period and then you can start in the world of graphics and multimedia


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