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Learn to use Photoshop filters. Learn Unity3D and create games


We introduce you to the unity 3D program



Through this course, we will introduce you to the unity 3D program, which is a platform for creating electronic games, and it is also a game engine and integrated development environment (IDE) where the program works on several operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS, and games and applications can be published on various devices such as Computers, xbox, ipad smartphones and others. The main topics that will be explained during the course: Initially a general introduction and getting to know the program, and then creating a new project and then getting to know The main elements of the program The language that will be applied and recognized in the unity3D program is the C language where a set of script is created and the script for creating the elements from the computer keyboard is created. In the end, we will learn about the way to store and publish projects on the set of different devices and operate them with the unity3D program.


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