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Marketing professionalism






Marketing, is a group of operations or activities that work to discover customers ’desires and develop a group of products or services that satisfy their desires and achieve profits for the organization within an appropriate period of time. Marketing can be defined as the art of selling, but sales are part of the process.
Marketing is a process that is concerned with defining the customer’s desire and working to fulfill that desire.

Thanks to the technological development and the increasing popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, the world of marketing is witnessing a fundamental and continuous change through marketing campaigns that can target more customers.
These training tracks are aimed at all those who want to work in the field of advertising and marketing … and for all those interested in the impact of marketing campaigns on the purchasing patterns of the consumer

Marketing paths in the Course Set platform include consecutive courses covering all areas and topics related to marketing, whether they are paths for social media marketing or traditional marketing methods … Each field of marketing in the Course Set platform has multiple training paths and different options to reach you for professionalism in this field


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