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Practical methods to overcome procrastination and increase productivity


Are you still having difficulty dealing with your various work tasks ??
Are you still having problems dealing with tasks that involve confrontation with others ??
Do you want to get rid of the procrastination and procrastination habit and become more productive in your life?



With this course you will be able to

Knowing the psychological basis for procrastination and why it is difficult to overcome. Determine the seven triggers that cause delays to important tasks. • Have knowledge and ways to deal with procrastination on the basis of different tasks. • Possessing practical and usable tactics to overcome the lethal stalling of productivity, we all suffer from the problem of procrastination and procrastination in our lives and daily work, as the tasks are usually
High priority is difficult or time-consuming, so we have easier to do direct and less important tasks instead of high-importance, and the main reason for this is because of our inner desire, our habits to procrastinate, procrastination and weak commitment rather than the desire for achievement and productivity

But why are we procrastinating? How can we overcome the stalling hurdle and become more productive?

I will answer you these two questions during our enjoyable journey in this course and how you can overcome procrastination and become more productive in your working and personal life.


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